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RSI Sponsored War for Europa

War has broken out on Jupiters third moon Europa.
Three factions now fight over territories in a bid for lunar dominance.
The Earthen Alliance strive to maintain power of the region for the super corperations back on Earth.
The Free Europa movement seeks to claim Europa's independance and to make their own government.
The Smog Skulls faction however just wants to Lorem ipsum.

Current War Profiles

Tools for M.A.V.

Part Comparison

Want to quickly compare multiple parts together? Well the comparison tool is great.

Click the parts name to select it for comparisons or click the expand link to see more information about that part.

To compare a smaller selectiong of itens click the Group Comparison button and then click the desired part names. They'll be compared to eachother at the top with the lowest stats being red and highest stats being green.

Build Designer

When theory crafting builds or trying to figure out how to shave off that last few units of weight the build designer comes in really handy. Just add the parts you want to use on your build and it'll tell you general information about it. It's very handry when you're trying to find out what chassis or armor plate you can actually fit on your build without having to redo the whole thing.

It includes a link that lets you share the build out with others to spread the theory crafting love.

Build Viewer

A work in progress with the new build sharing page. You can view a builds details from what parts are on it to the weapon layout.

Do you just want a random build to bring to battle or show off a cool build you've found? Well this is the spot.

There is even links to the part viewer where you can see more detailed information on specific parts.

Build Sharing


Map Overview

Sometimes it's hard to know how far distances are in MAV or where the bases are in Siege mode / Repair Sheds are in Arena Mode. Well with the map tool you can do just that!

It's very easy to use, select the map from the dropdown and then click a location on the map to place your position, then simply switch to the direction setting and click another point on the map and it'll tell you the range.

Splash Visualizer

Have you ever wondered how large the splash range is on different weapons? This visualizer helps show how large the splash radius is.

Click on the image to move the splash point, select which weapon type from the dropdown, and select the armor value to compare with.

Garage Organization

This lovely tool gives you all of the garage management functionality that you wish was already in the game.

You can rename builds, change the order of saved builds, and quickly delete builds without any big hastle.

Paint Shop

Want to change your colorscheme quickly? Are you willing to risk a broken build if something gets busted? We'll do I have the tool for you!

Upload a current.mech file and hit the go button and BAM you've got a new paint scheme ready to be placed in your saveGame folder.

Other Rak Sal Links

Tip Videos

From hidden controls in the garage to random tidbits on how different parts of the game work. Check them out if you want.


Come and hang out, chat about stuff, do voice chat for battles. It'll be fun. We've also got a bot now to let us reboot the RSI mav server when I'm not home so hit us up on there if there isn't any servers online.

Modular Assault Tabletop

A small project I've worked on to see the feasability of a tabletop / turn based strategy version of M.A.V.

Patreon Link

Do you want to help in the development of Rak Sal Indsturies by encouraging me to work on the site / videos / etc? Well you can always join patreon. Every little bit helps with server costs for the website and mav server hosting.

If Patreon isn't for you we've also got a donation link here at the bottom.