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The History of our Lord and Glacier

In the beginning it all started with This Concept Thread where a concept art by Graxenthegray was colorized to resemble two faces french kissing. The name shortly grew to become Glacier Senpai through conversations through Teamspeak, Facebook, The Forums, Steam Forums, and In Game. Glacier came from us picking a name for a large body of ice which is primarily what Europa is covered in. The second part of the name Senpai is a Japanese honorifics and is used to address a mentor. It's inclusion was added in the original image as a joke but it too has ingrained itself into the lore of Glacier Senpai.

Glacier Senpai's unofficial lore

During an expedition a group of 3 miners driving a wheeled M.M.V. got caught in a large storm system. They fled into a nearby ravine for shelter during the intense storm after a large chunk of flying ice broke their long range radio auxiliary device. After seven days of waiting for the storm to dissipate the group ventured deeper into the ravine to explore when they reached the opposite end of it and came out in the calm heart of the storm. Before them laid a lonely mountain of snow and ice with a lump of red metal sticking out of it's side. They approached it and discovered that it was an abandoned M.M.V. that was wedged into the mountain, inside it was food supplies that they were dangerously running low on. The group returned to the ravine as the storm shifted causing them to flee back to safety from flying debris. The storm finally dissipated two days later and all three returned home alive thanks to the miraculous luck found on the frozen mountain side.

Upon their returned they spread word of their spiritual enlightenment taking the provisions and symbolism as a divine blessing. Within a few months a religious movement began to grow around the Red Tongued Glacier as people started praying upon the ice that their loved ones would come home from mining. As of right now the Glacialism is not a recognized religion among the Europian Government and instead identifies all believers as "Other / Not Specified" on legal documents. A petition is currently in the works though with the recent revolt of miners against the Earth Defense Forces political parties have put the matter on an indefinite hiatus.

Glacial Facts