Rak Sal Industries : We've got broken pictures.

A Brief History of Rak Sal

1st Generation

Rak Sal started as a small part manufacturing and repair company that handled excluvively modular Chassis and Cockpits for the Mining Vehicles of Europa. In those early days before the advent of the 2nd generation of mining equipment a single MMV was around the size of a large truck. These consisted of the vehicles we brought from Earth and the few that where constructed on planet.It wasn't until the infulstructure was layed in place a few years after Rak Sal was set up that the 1st generation of equipment started to become obsolete.

Seeing the advantage of filling in the role as supplying larger parts as an experimental XL size MMV was being put out Rak Sal Industries decided to take the leap and start designing and producing parts for this larger size of Modular Vehicle. Within two years the 2nd generation of MMV's was ushered in with the XL sized parts becoming the new standard.

2nd Generation

Because of the wise business plan of setting up resources and already having factories prepared for the larger sized parts Rak Sal was able to grow in leaps and bounds as other companies shifted focus from the smaller 1st generation of MAVs to the new size standard. This is where Rak Sal started leasing some of their production lines to other companies as the transition became more wide spread.

Quick Notes until I add more story. About 10~ years pass between the 2nd generation and the 3rd generation of MMVs. Rak Sal didn't quite catch the 3rd generation like the 2nd one but with their aquisition of part companies they continued to grow in power. Many experimented with changing the standard size as some tried smaller, larger, much larger, etc until finally the 3 foot tall hex part was perfected.

3rd Generation

Quick Notes : Though not a leader in the 3rd generation with the preset agreements they where able to shift to the new standard size of MMVs relatively quickly though at a considerable loss in profit. Being weaker in the beginning of the 3rd Generation of MMVs Rak Sal persued several military contracts for the Europa Defense Forces on their slowly becomming legacy 2nd generation MAVs. After the EDF decided to switch to the 3rd standard of parts Rak Sal jumped at the bit and offered near base price for the 3rd generation contracts. With this Rak Sal enstablished a research and developement branch for military grade equipment and to improve their own designs as well so they would become a leader in Modular Vehicles again.


After several years the EDF stopped renewing all of their on planet contracts as relations between Earth and the Europian Miners started deteriorating. EDF changed their name to Earth Defense Force and all military grade production on Europa was to sease as heavy fines where placed on companies who did not comply. Tensions rose higher and higher until finally the tragedy of Mos Egan pushed it to the breaking points and a full blown uprising happened. At this pivital momment Rak Sal restarted its R&D devision and dedicated itself to helping the war effort.

Rumors say that designs for Neo Mega Modular Boss Vehicles have been floating around in the R&D branch's office, though most of those that have surfaced in public records involved googly eyes.